The Best Uses for Forms on your Site

Today, websites are much more than online brochures full of text information. Your visitors expect interactivity and communication directly on your site. One of the most effective ways to accomplish that communication is the use of web forms. It’s much more than just basic contact info: forms can be used for almost anything!

What types of forms can I have?

There are a few different types of forms that can be helpful to have on your site. The most important and most used being a contact form. Contact forms typically have a field for the user to enter their first and last name, email, and a message section where they can ask questions, give comments, or request further information. Another type of form can be for mailing list signups for collecting emails from your users. If you want to start a newsletter and are looking for emails, how can you add them to your list? Having a form on your site for people to provide you their name and email address can be a good way to do that. Event registrations are another popular use for online web forms. If you have an event coming up, having a registration form is a great way to gather information on who all is attending, their contact information, t-shirt sizes, etc.

What else can forms include?

The forms can also include check boxes, where users can select from multiple choices or select more than one choice. For example, if your form is being used to gather information on an event where you need volunteers, check boxes can be used to specify which times the person signing up to volunteer can be there. An area for forms and images to be attached is another feature your form can have. If you’re using your form as a job application, this can be useful for the user to upload their resume and cover letter.   A date/calendar feature can also be added to a form. This allows the user to select a specific date from the calendar, this can be helpful if the user needs to set an appointment to meet with you.

How do I create a form on my site?

We’d love to help! If you’re a Plexamedia customer, all you have to do is send us a support ticket with the fields you would like included in your form, for example, name, email, phone number, check boxes, etc. and also let us know which page you would like the form on. We’ll also need to know email you would like the information collected from the form to go such as “” or “” If you have any questions on getting a form set up on your site or what all can be added to a form, feel free to send us a support ticket at and we’d be glad to help you.

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