How to Use Yoast’s Focus Keyphrase Feature to Improve Your Content

If you’ve been keeping up with all things shiny and new, you may have seen that we are upgrading all of our clients to a new technical SEO package. One of the biggest benefits here is the inclusion of the Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast is the industry leader in site optimization plugins. Yoast can be

Project Content

Projects Email While working on a project, you will want to submit changes and content. To simplify communications, we have a team email box, When you send in an email to our projects email, it will be automatically assigned to the project manager or first available content specialist. Submitting Content by Email At the

Technical SEO Package

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as optimizing the site for the crawling and indexing processes of search engines, especially Google. In the last year, there have been a number of important changes by Google focused on website performance. Our new SEO package is designed to insure your site is running at optimum as

How a Newsletter Can Grow Your Business

If you’re reading this blog post there is a good chance that you saw it in our newsletter. We send these out once a month so that we are able to share a little more value with you, our clients! Having a newsletter can be beneficial for your business and help grow your relationship with

Getting The Word Out With an Announcement Bar

Is your business hosting a special sale or promotion? Have a live stream at your church coming up? Need to notify your visitors of a weather delay or holiday hours? Having an announcement bar is an easy solution! What is an announcement bar? An announcement bar is a bar that runs across the top of

Design Trends: Having Videos in the Hero Section of your Website

I’m sure we’ve all noticed by now that video is becoming more and more popular in the online world, in both social media and digital marketing. At Plexamedia, we’re also noticing that websites are transitioning from being focused on static images to being more focused on video and movement as well. Having a video be

Setting up Auto Response Notifications with Forms

Most websites have a form of some kind on them, whether that be a contact form, newsletter sign up form, registration form, etc. Once someone fills out the form it is helpful if there is an automatic response notification set in place to send out to the client upon filling out the form to let

We Moved!

The beginning of November has been exciting over here at Plexamedia. We’ve worked with some pretty awesome clients, did some super fun projects, and we moved offices! Where are you now? We are now on the 4th floor of the Towers building operated by Wyatt Properties. If you’ve visited us before, don’t worry! We’re still in

What are Subdomains?

Do you have multiple websites but want to make it the same domain? Want to make it easy for marketing? A subdomain may be your answer!   What is a subdomain? Subdomains are ways that you can have multiple sites that are still related to your main website. They can house different sections of your

Understanding Domains and Domain Transfers

Did you know that a domain, website, and your email are all separate from each other? While they are separate, your domain actually controls all of it. What exactly is a domain? In short, a domain is the easy way to find your website or receive an email. Since no one can remember IP addresses,