Setting Up Outlook

Outlook Setup

1. Click the Windows Icon in the bottom left of your screen and search for “Outlook”. Then click on the Outlook application.

2. If you are prompted to log in or create an account, skip to step 5. If you already have an Outlook account your interface should look like this:

3. Click the “File” option in the top left. Then click the “Account Settings” dropdown and then select the option labelled “Account Settings”.

4. In the Account Settings interface, click the option labelled “New”.

5. Now you will be met with a login interface. Enter your email address into the field and then click the “Connect” button.

6. On the Advanced Setup interface, select the IMAP option.

7. Next, enter your password and click the “Connect” button.

8. You should see the “Account Successfully Added” text at the top of the interface. From there, click the “Done” button.

9. Close out of the “Add Account” interface and you should see your newly added account appear on the left. Your inbox should begin downloading your previously received emails and they should appear over time. Send a test email to someone and have them send a response back to verify that you are capable of sending and receiving emails without an error.

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