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M3 Endeavors

Making movement monumental is M3Endeavors’ maxim. Why? Because movement is an experience and at M3 their goal is to make sure that each client has pain free movement capabilities to make their movement monumental – to help clients take control of their health and wellness by giving them the right tools. M3 assesses how prepared your body is to develop skill and match your performance goals with the results of your assessment.  

The vision of M3 Performance and Physical Therapy is to create an environment where every individual is motivated, supported, and inspired to be their best selves. 

The mission of M3 Performance and Physical Therapy is to provide each client with an unparalleled, individualized health experience through performance, physical therapy, and wellness – to help clients move well, live well, and do amazing things; and in doing so, build better communities and a better world. 

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Website and Video

Plexamedia’s website team worked closely with M3 Endeavors to develop a responsive WordPress website which works with mobile, tablet, and desktop. At the same time, our production team created video to unify the messaging. The result is a modern site that communicates across devices, using a variety of media to reach its audience.

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