Getting The Word Out With an Announcement Bar

Is your business hosting a special sale or promotion? Have a live stream at your church coming up? Need to notify your visitors of a weather delay or holiday hours? Having an announcement bar is an easy solution!

What is an announcement bar?

An announcement bar is a bar that runs across the top of your website that is normally one or two sentences that can announce upcoming events, specials, or simply give a notification to the people that view your website.

How can they help?

Announcement bars make it easy for you to get information for your audience to see as soon as they land on your website. The best thing about having an announcement bar is that it is simple for you to update which gives you the opportunity to change out your announcement whenever you need to.  Having an announcement bar helps limit questioning about where you can inform your audience of new specials, hours, or events and gives them a clear indication of what’s happening in your business, church, or non-profit.

How can I add an announcement bar to my site?

If you’d like to add an announcement bar to your site, feel free to send over a support ticket to and we’ll help get that set up for you.

What kind of announcements can I make?

When it comes to keeping visitors informed and engaged, announcements on your website are a powerful tool. As you strive to provide valuable information and updates to your audience, it’s important to carefully craft announcements that are informative, engaging, and relevant. Here are some examples of announcements that you can include on your website to captivate your visitors and keep them coming back for more.

New Product Launch: Introducing [Product Name]

Introducing a new product can be an exciting event, and your website is the perfect platform to share this news with your audience. You can create an announcement that highlights the features and benefits of the new product, and explains why it’s a game-changer. Use compelling language and visuals to pique the curiosity of your visitors and encourage them to learn more. Include a call-to-action that directs them to a dedicated product page where they can find more details and make a purchase.

Upcoming Events: Save the Date

If you have any upcoming events, such as product launches, workshops, webinars, or promotions, your website is an ideal place to announce them. Create an eye-catching announcement that provides the event details, including the date, time, location, and any other pertinent information. Consider using visuals, such as banners or graphics, to make the announcement stand out. Encourage visitors to save the date and RSVP if applicable, and provide a clear call-to-action that directs them to a registration page or contact information for further inquiries.

Important Updates: Stay Informed

Keeping your audience informed about any important updates or changes to your business, products, or services is crucial. Use your website to share such updates in a clear and concise manner. Whether it’s changes in operating hours, shipping policies, or any other relevant information, make sure to provide the details and explain how it may affect your customers. You can create an announcement that highlights the key points and directs visitors to additional resources or contact information for further assistance. Keeping your audience informed shows your commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

Special Offers: Exclusive Deals for Your Audience

Everyone loves a good deal, and your website is a great place to announce special offers or exclusive deals for your audience. Create an announcement that highlights the promotion, including the details, such as discount codes, limited-time offers, or exclusive perks. Use persuasive language to create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to take advantage of the offer. Consider using visuals, such as banners or graphics, to make the announcement visually appealing. Include a clear call-to-action that directs visitors to the promotion page or a designated landing page where they can redeem the offer.

Customer Testimonials: Let Your Satisfied Customers Speak

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool to build trust and credibility with your audience. Share testimonials from satisfied customers on your website to showcase their positive experiences with your products or services. Create an announcement that features customer testimonials, including their names, photos (with their consent), and their testimonials. Make sure to choose testimonials that highlight different aspects of your offerings, such as quality, customer service, or results achieved. Consider using visuals, such as images or videos, to make the testimonials more impactful. Encourage visitors to read the testimonials and learn from the experiences of your satisfied customers.

Company News: Share Your Achievements and Milestones

Your website is also a great platform to share news about your company’s achievements, milestones, or recognitions. Create an announcement that highlights recent accomplishments, such as awards received, partnerships formed, or notable milestones achieved. Share the details of the news and explain why it’s significant to your audience. Use visuals, such as images or infographics, to make the announcement visually appealing. Consider including quotes from company executives or stakeholders to add a personal touch. Showcasing your company’s success

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