Email Migration

We are depreciating our old email server and moving to a new server for several reasons including more storage space, better webmail, increased security, and the ability to support all modern devices. By having all of our email accounts on our new email server, we are able to also provide a higher level of support.

Here are the Steps:

1. Email Password Change

The password for current emails will be changed to a new password. This password will also be the starting password for the new email account. Do not change this password or the migration of your emails to the new server will fail.

You may be prompted for your new password on your phone or computer and you can use the new password. However, it is recommended that you check your emails here until the migration is completed:

2. Email Migration

All the old emails will be copied to the new email server. This is normally done over night so that we can have as little interruption to your business as possible. This can be a very quick process unless you have a lot of large attachments.

3. DNS or Domain Changes

Once the emails are migrated, we will make changes to the domain so that all emails will come to the new email server.

4. WebMail Access

You can access your new webmail by going to your new webmail site, it will be in the form of For example, our webmail is We recommend that you login at least once so you can check your email while you setup your various devices. has a video on using your new webmail.

5. Change Your Password

Login to the webmail and change their password. At the same time, turn on password recovery which will allow you to change your password via your mobile phone should it ever be lost. To change your password, click on the “three line” hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your webmail, then select the security tab.

6. Setup Your Devices

This modern email server works will all devices including your phone, desktop, Outlook, MacMail and others.

Click here to access the installation guide:



If you have any issues or need help , please send in an email to or call 1-877-497-4606 x2


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