Can I have more than one blog on my site?

Do you currently have a blog on your site but are thinking of a different style of blog that you want to add? For example, your site could have a regularly updated blog filled with tips and tricks on how to live a healthy life. But you also want to have blog posts focused on news and that it could be helpful to your audience. You have the ability to separate these blogs!

Why would this be helpful to me?

This can be helpful in keeping organization on your site. If your users come to your site looking for news related articles, scrolling forever through your other blog posts can become a tedious thing when they’re looking for something specific. And vise versa, if you mainly post news articles but also have a lifestyle blog, having everything in one place can make it hard for your user to find what they’re looking for. Grouping related posts together can help your audience find things easily and let them know exactly what kinds of post they are going to be looking at.

How can I separate them?

You can separate blogs by creating new categories! To create a category, when you select posts different sections will appear under it. When you click “Categories” it will take you to a page with a form to enter your new category name. For example, in the screenshot attached, news is already a category. If we were creating a blog category the name you would enter is “Blog” and click “Add New Category.” (Don’t worry about the slug, it will automatically create one for you!) And it would get added to the side.  To separate the actual posts, when you go to create a post, on the right-hand side you will notice there is a section under the publish and format box that says categories. Separating them is as easy as checking which box is appropriate to the post you are making! For example for a news article, you would select “News” and blog you would select “Blog”. 

I made the category, but I can’t see the separate categories on my site.

That’s where we come in! Once you have your categories made, if you submit a support ticket to let us know that you are wanting to separate your posts into categories, we will make sure that this change is added and reflected into the menu on your site.

What else can categories be used for?

Categories within posts can be used in multiple different ways. There can be categories for different events, staff, or as we mentioned, multiple blogs. Just having everything that is similar grouped in the same place can help organization on your site and make your site easy to navigate for your audience.

And if I need more help setting this up?

That’s perfectly fine! As always, we’re always here to help make maintaining and updating your site as easy as possible. To set up categories, simply send us a support ticket at with the categories you’re wanting to add and we’ll get that taken care of for you.

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