Adding a Gallery To Your Website

Do you have multiple images you’re wanting to add to your website? Whether they be from an event, process shots from a project, etc, an easy way you can do that is by creating a gallery within your page or post!

What do I need to do to create a gallery?

To create a gallery, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you’ll want to create the page that you’re wanting this gallery to be on. If you have an already existing page in mind, you can just simply open that page to start.Next, you can click the “Add Media” button on the left-hand side of the page above the text box. From there, a window will pop up allowing you to upload files. To make sure that it’s a gallery, you’ll want to click “Create Gallery” which can be found in the left-hand sidebar. Then, you can click the “Select Files” button that is in the middle of the page.Once the dialogue box opens, you will select the photos that you’re wanting to add to the gallery and simply click “Open.” From there, they will upload into the what is labeled as the “Media Library” and if all the photos you want in the gallery are selected, the next step is to select “Create New Gallery” at the bottom of that window.The next steps are linking and sizing your images. In the “Gallery Settings” you will see “Link to,” “Columns,” and “Size.” For “Link to” you’ll want to make sure it is switched from attachment page to, media file. The “Columns” drop-down is where you can select how many columns you want the photos in the gallery to be in. (We suggest 3 columns. Having more than 3 columns can make the gallery look odd when seen on mobile devices.) And lastly, for “Size”, you can select whatever size you’d like for the images to be!Then, all you’d need to do is click the “Insert Gallery” button and it will insert your new gallery onto the page!

What if I need to make changes to a gallery I have already created?

You can absolutely do that as well! All you’d need to do is click on the gallery and a small tool box will pop up with a pencil to edit, and an “x” to delete. To edit the gallery, select the pencil icon and the gallery settings will open. From there, you can make the changes that your needing to make, whether that be adjusting columns, size, or even adding new photos by selecting “Add to Gallery” and uploading your new files.

Okay great! I’ll begin creating my new gallery. What can I do if I experience problems or need extra help?

As always, you can reach out to us at if you start creating your gallery and things get a little bit wonky, or, if you have trouble figuring out all the steps. We’d love to help you create a gallery to showcase all of your images!

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