Setting up Auto Response Notifications with Forms

Most websites have a form of some kind on them, whether that be a contact form, newsletter sign up form, registration form, etc. Once someone fills out the form it is helpful if there is an automatic response notification set in place to send out to the client upon filling out the form to let them know that their entry has been received.

Why is this useful?

This is helpful to provide the client with more information regarding the form that they’re filling out. For example, more information about an event they’re registering for or even to simply say “Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon.” It helps avoid receiving emails or phone calls from clients, wondering if their entry went through. It can give the client a bit of ease knowing that their form entry was submitted and that it will be seen, reviewed, or that they’ll even hear back from you.

How can I set up an auto response notification?

You want to set up an auto response notification on your forms? Great! An auto response notification can be so helpful for your clients and we’d love to help you get this set up. As always, you can submit a support ticket to us at, letting us know that you’d like to add these notifications to your forms and we’ll walk you through the process.

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