Why it’s a Good Idea to Have Testimonials on your Site

For businesses and non-profits, good reviews are very beneficial in helping convert viewers into clients. If you’re selling a product or service, people will be more likely to be drawn in and trust what you’re promoting if there are reviews of other people having positive experiences with your business!

What should I know about testimonials?

When it comes to testimonials there are a few things you might want to think about before posting every testimonial that you receive from your clients. You’re going to want to be selective in which testimonials you share! For example, if you have two testimonials and one client shares descriptive examples of your product, how their experience was, and recommends your services to others, and then another that simply says “This business is great!” It would be better for your audience to see the more detailed testimony because it gives a better description of how your product or service can help them. Another thing to know is that it could be helpful to include photos with your testimonials. That way your new audience can see friendly, smiling faces and be intrigued to know more about your business and what things you can do to help them! Other aspects that are important to think about adding testimonials to your site is to make sure that you feature real people, of all demographics and backgrounds. Audiences will get a better reach of what you’re trying to sell or promote and will quickly be able to notice when something is ingenuine.

How can I add testimonials to my site?

So you’re interested in adding testimonials to your site? Great! First thing’s first, you need to collect your testimonials. You can do so in multiple ways. You can directly reach out to current clients that you know have enjoyed your service or product, have people submit them through a form on your site (which we can help you set up!), or if you have social media accounts, simply already take from positive reviews that you’ve collected on there. When adding them to the site, you can contact us at https://support.new.plexamediaint.wpengine.com/ and we will get together everything you need to add testimonials!

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