So You Want To Sell Through Your Website

Are you looking to add an online store or shopping cart to your website? E-commerce has been steadily gaining ground for over twenty years, and shows no sign of stopping soon. We’re proud to offer a great solution for selling products online with your existing website!

The E-Commerce Boom

If you’ve bought anything in the last few years, chances are, you bought it online. Buying products online is easy, convenient, and fast. More and more customers expect that your products and merchandise can be bought through your website. The process is simple: users choose their items, place an order, make a payment, and the ball is in your court to choose how to package and ship their merchandise.

What can I sell on my website?

Anything! Whether it’s marketing/promotional materials, downloadable products, or even your own merchandise, we can tool your online store to fit the products you sell. You take 100% of the profit, minus any shipping and handling, and associated fees.

I want to sell products on my website!

We use a system called WooCommerce to offer online stores on our websites. WooCommerce makes it easy to add products, fulfill orders, handle shipping, and more. There are also the abilities to add coupons, host sales, and process payments through PayPal, Stripe, and more. There’s many ways you can handle shipping, based on weight, flat rates, per item, and more! We’ll be glad to help you set up an online store on your site! Just email to set up an initial discussion and see how we can fit an e-commerce solution to your needs!

How do I use my new online store?

We’re here to help! Once your new store is up and selling, we can set up a time to go through training with you on how to add products to your site. As always, you can continue to reach out to us for support if you need additional help!