How Can A Sidebar Help Draw More Business?

A sidebar is exactly what it sounds like! A bar on the side of your website that holds additional information that’s not already on your site. Sidebars can serve useful for different instances when it comes to drawing more business. However, it isn’t a requirement for your site. It should be used only if it is effective and most needed!

What can I use a sidebar for?

Sidebars can have a couple of different uses for your website. It can be used as a place for your audience to contact you for more information on your services, show recent blog articles, or link out to other pages on your site, just to name a few! It all depends on what you think will be most useful for the people you’re trying to attract to your business

How would the different uses work?

Contact Form: Having a contact form in the sidebar can be helpful if you are offering a service. It makes it super easy for someone to see the fields that they need to fill in such as “Name, Email, Comments,” if they have any questions or if they need to request further information. This makes it easy for future clients to get in touch with you. Search Bar: Another use for sidebars is to give your audience the option to search for specific things on your site. If they’re on a page and think “Oh! I need to look for *insert topic here*” they can easily do so by typing it in the search bar. Recent Blog Articles/Upcoming Events: The sidebar could also be used to display your recent blog articles or upcoming events in an easily accessible way. Having the most recent blog articles or a list of your upcoming events in the sidebar could potentially draw more traffic to your blog and increase turnout at your event. Social Media: Showcasing your social media in the sidebar can have the same effect as having your blog or events shown. It allows your audience to clearly see your social media accounts and can drive traffic over to your social media platforms. Subpage Navigation: Subpage navigation is also a great idea for the use of a sidebar! For example, if you have a page on your site about an event that you have often, and there are multiple pages that should fall under that event, you can have them listed in the sidebar. This can help clear up the main navigation and overall just be an easy, streamlined way to organize the content.

Do I have to have a sidebar?

Absolutely not! Sometimes, they’re just not needed. You should only use them if you feel like they’re going to be useful for your audience and help streamline content on your site.

How can I set up a sidebar?

You can reach out to Plexamedia, via, and send a support ticket letting us know that you’re wanting to add a sidebar to your site! We are always more than happy to help you make these changes and updates.