Help! Why Is My Website Down?!

See if this sounds familiar: you go to your website, try to log in, and suddenly: nothing. You refresh the page and nothing comes up. Is your website down? Is everything gone? Don’t worry! More than likely, your website is fine, and your visitors are accessing it no problem. Still, why can’t you see your site? The answer is a security feature, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Rest assured.

Our sites never* go down. Seriously! We work hard to make sure that your site stays up, your data stays backed up, and you never miss a critical moment. Part of the way we ensure that is being very serious about security. Though we take many security precautions, our most effective involves locking out an IP address after several invalid attempts. Don’t speak tech? Let’s make that simpler: if you log in to your site incorrectly three times in a row, no one on the network you’re trying to connect from can access your website for 10 minutes. That may seem harsh, but it keeps your website safe from people trying to log in who shouldn’t be.

Mean old brutes.

The reason we use this method is to prevent against what’s known as brute force hacking. Basically this means a hacker (usually a computer program written by a hacker) tries every combination of numbers and letters possible until they guess the right password, and have access to your site, and then our servers. The great thing is, they would be blocked after three attempts, which isn’t enough to accurately guess a password. Hackers beware: this site is a no-fly zone.

So what do I do if I’m locked out?

Simply put, just wait. After ten minutes, you’ll be able to log in again, and hopefully this time you won’t get locked out again. In the future, if you attempt to log in twice, and you’re still not in: STOP! You can submit a Plexamedia support ticket, and we’ll be glad to help you reset your password. If you ever have any questions about security on your site, you’re always free to get in touch and talk to us. We’re glad to help out!   *Since we started, we’ve maintained roughly a 5:9 (99.999%) uptime. Nowadays our hosting is cloud based, and our servers almost can’t go down. Nothing to worry about!