We Moved!

The beginning of November has been exciting over here at Plexamedia. We’ve worked with some pretty awesome clients, did some super fun projects, and we moved offices! Where are you now? We are now on the 4th floor of the Towers building operated by Wyatt Properties. If you’ve visited us before, don’t worry! We’re still in the same building, just now in a bigger office 3 floors down.  Why did you move? Over the past year, our staff has done some growing making our old office a little cramped. We had 4 people in one smaller office so space was a bit limited and there wasn’t a lot of room for growth to continue. Being in a bigger office, allows us to have room to continue to grow, while still staying in a building that we love. Some of our favorite parts of the new office: -The Space -The View of the City -The fact that Nick the Marketer lets us have his Dr. Peppers from the fridge We’re so excited about this transition in our company because it means that we are expanding, which allows us to give you the best experience as a customer. If you’ve been looking at updating your site as we go into the new year, we’d love to help you!