Technical SEO Package

Web Optimization Concept Design

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as optimizing the site for the crawling and indexing processes of search engines, especially Google. In the last year, there have been a number of important changes by Google focused on website performance. Our new SEO package is designed to insure your site is running at optimum as determined by Google.

Customer Appreciation Days at Plexamedia

We are very thankful to all our website clients and your support over the years. We have a number of new expanded programs that we will be implementing this year. As a thank you to current clients, we are going to make this valuable service available to you without increasing prices.


This upgrade package is designed to cover all aspects of SEO except managing your keywords. Whether you work with a marketing company or want to do things yourself, this package is designed to build a solid foundation for your keyword marketing. Look for articles soon related to how you can manage your own keywords and how we can offer assistance in the process without increasing your monthly expenses.

Technical SEO Package Feature List

  • WPEngine – very fast hosting and on the Google Cloud
  • SSL – Installing a Security Certificate on the site
  • Cache – Fast static pages that load fast for the user.
  • Images – resizing and compressing images for faster load times
  • CDN – loading images and resources from a Content Delivery Network
  • File Optimizations – Compressing site code (HTML, Javascript, CSS)
  • Site Map – guides search bots crawling and indexing of the site.
  • Google Analytics – for analyzing traffic.
  • Google Search Console – submitting site map for scheduled site crawling
  • Akismet – paid service to help prevent form spam
  • Google PageSpeed Audit – we want you site to rank as a fast site by Google

We have invested a lot of time developing a package that helps insure your site is running optimally as determined by Google and other search engines. Over the next few months, look for more detailed articles and how you can begin to manage your keyword search on a very solid technical SEO base we are providing for you.

Each site must be individually upgraded and we will roll this out on a needs basis until all sites are done. If you have specific needs please reach out to support today and we will be glad to accelerate your timetable. We anticipate that all our sites will be upgraded in the first quarter of 2020 and will let you know when yours is completed.