Project Content

Discussing website project

Projects Email

While working on a project, you will want to submit changes and content. To simplify communications, we have a team email box, When you send in an email to our projects email, it will be automatically assigned to the project manager or first available content specialist.

Submitting Content by Email

At the top of the email, identify what page the content is associated with followed by the actual content. Attach any images that go with the page. You may also attach Microsoft Word documents. If you submit Word documents, avoid embedding the images because it will result in lower quality images. Feel free to submit content in anyway that is convenient as long as it is clear.

Dropbox or Google Drive

If you have a large number of documents or images, feel free to use Dropbox or Google Drive, whichever is most convenient for you. You will need to give access to which will allow anyone on our team to assist you.