Managing Your Site

Getting The Word Out With an Announcement Bar

Is your business hosting a special sale or promotion? Have a live stream at your church coming up? Need to notify your visitors of a weather delay or holiday hours? Having an announcement bar is an easy solution! What is an announcement bar? An announcement bar is a bar that runs across the top of

Adding a Gallery To Your Website

Do you have multiple images you’re wanting to add to your website? Whether they be from an event, process shots from a project, etc, an easy way you can do that is by creating a gallery within your page or post! What do I need to do to create a gallery? To create a gallery,

Why it’s a Good Idea to Have Testimonials on your Site

For businesses and non-profits, good reviews are very beneficial in helping convert viewers into clients. If you’re selling a product or service, people will be more likely to be drawn in and trust what you’re promoting if there are reviews of other people having positive experiences with your business! What should I know about testimonials?

Can I have more than one blog on my site?

Do you currently have a blog on your site but are thinking of a different style of blog that you want to add? For example, your site could have a regularly updated blog filled with tips and tricks on how to live a healthy life. But you also want to have blog posts focused on

Adding Popups to Your Site

Is your business hosting a sale? Have an email list? Simply just wanting to get the word out about a moved location? Implementing a popup on your site could be the best way to get this information to your audience. What is a popup? A popup is an information box that shows over your website

Why Can’t I See the Changes I Made?

Have you ever been editing your site, then go to view the changes and they’re just not showing up? And no matter how many times you have saved and re-saved, you just can’t see the changes being made? Most likely, the problem is that the changes are more than likely getting caught in the browser’s cache.

Include YouTube Videos and More on Your Website (the Easy Way!)

Often, you’ll want to include more interesting content on your site than just the text and images you have. Text and images are great for most cases, but when that’s just not enough, multimedia can really explain an idea or drive a point home. The most common form of multimedia on the web today is video,

Editing Your Site: The Basics

It’s easy to go days, weeks, and even months without editing your website – time slips away! In that time, however, it’s even easier to forget how. If it’s been a while since your initial training, and you’re a little foggy on the specifics, this article is for you. Backend vs. Frontend The first thing

How to Upload PDFs to Pages and Posts

Often we get asked how users can upload forms, handouts, guides, and other documents to their website so that their visitors can access or download them. The solution is simple using PDF documents that you upload just like a photo. Let’s look at how to create a PDF document, and how to upload it to