Mutual Savings Credit Union

Mutual Savings Credit Union

Tommy Lee

Operations Manager

When we needed a major rebuild of our radio station and sports web pages a few years back, we secured Plexamedia for the project. They worked with our stuff to bring the project in on time and budget. Along the way, they were able to offer significant guidance and suggestions that allowed us to accomplish everything we needed with the four interconnected sites. They also taught our staff how to perform necessary content updates and continue to provide excellent ongoing customer service on those rare occasions when we have an issue.

Mutual Savings Credit Union

Heather Rickles


Our company works with an of subcontractors including web companies, photographers, videographers, specialty item suppliers, etc, and we are extremely selective. We expect anyone that works with us to be super professional, very affordable and extremely fast. I have no doubt that you will find Plexamedia to be all these things.

Mutual Savings Credit Union

Jennifer Finlayson


Plexamedia has done a great job creating and managing our website. We were so pleased with the original site that they built for FLD Landscape & Design several years ago, that we are now working with them again to update it for today's new marketing trends.

Mutual Savings Credit Union

Shellie Chambers

Director of Marketing

Plexamedia has been fabulous to work with over the past few years. They built our site quickly and beautifully, and they always respond to my request for tweaks and edits promptly. As a non-profit, it was great to find such high quality work that would fit into our budget. I couldn’t be happier with Plexa, and I would recommend them to any business or individual who needs a website!

Since 1936, Mutual Savings Credit Union has been serving the diverse needs of a fast-growing group of members from a variety of professional organizations with a full array of financial services.

For their website, we provided them with:

  • WordPress Integration
  • Multiple custom landing pages
  • Announcement system
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